Essence Through Traditionalism, Splendor Through Ordinary

Founded in 2010, Steel Crafts Europa was built based on the success of its mother company Ni Hsin Resources. A public listed company with more than 50 years of experience with high grade stainless steel, It has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of premium stainless steel products internationally.

Such achievements are proof of the advance technology and wealth of experience gained from more than 50 years of knowledge in the industry. As a pioneer of many high quality stainless steel products and advanced levels of technology pulsating as the lifeline of the company, quality of products are an assurance promised to our customers.

Highly efficient departments of Management, Administration, Engineering workforce, Quality assurance, Quality control, Research and development, and Marketing combine to work in synergy to provide the highest manufacturing standards of innovative products of superior quality.

Steel Crafts Europa was therefore created to provide directly to our European market various high quality stainless steel products. Furthermore with its strategic location in the North of Italy, it guarantees its customers efficient after sales service and a low lead time for delivery. We welcomes all inquiries concerning our products and will be happy to assist in any way possible.

History of Ni-Hsin Group

Ni-Hsin is founded by chairman.
The first stainless steel pressure cooker in Southeast Asia is manufactured.
The factory is established.
The first cookware exclusive store in Taiwan opens its door.
NIHSIN Malaysia is established.
Direct-sales and multilevel marketing begin in Malaysia and Singapore.
He world's first traditional wok made with stainless steel and aluminum is manufactured.
Production of multilayer cookware begins.
Production of cookware made with space-age composite metal begins.
Ni-Hsin products earn wide acclaim in Japan.
Pressure cooker receives safety certification in Japan.
Ni-Hsin receives ISO 9001 certification.
Ever-grow is established.
Ni-Hsin Steel is introduced.
Initial public offering at Malaysian Exchange.
Ni-Hsin establishes branch office in China.
One-piece technology is introduced.
Ni-Hsin established branch office in Thailand.
Production of water purifier begins.
Steel Crafts Europa is established in Italy.
Steel Crafts Europa Srl becomes a member of ATSSA and exhibits for the first time at ATSSA’s 47th Traffic Expo in Phoenix.